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Charleston Roof Insulation Services

When it comes to reducing your heating and cooling costs, your insulation can be the key. At Charleston Roofing, we are the ones who have been trusted with other home services, such as roofing services and gutters, in Charleston County and surrounding areas of South Carolina. We are offering batt insulation and blown-in insulation, especially for attics! When you are looking for reliable, professional, and personalized services, we are the company to call!

When it comes to insulation services, there is only one company you need to know in Charleston, Dorchester & Berkeley counties. Contact here at Charleston Roofing at 843-203-5555 or online to get started on your insulation installation

What is Batt Insulation?

Batt insulation is a very common form of insulation since it is one of the least expensive ways to insulate a home. Instead of coming in rolls, it comes in pre-cut, flat fiberglass pieces.

Depending on the climate in your area and your home, batt insulation may come with paper or foil facing. Batt insulation is very flexible and can fit between studs, rafters, and joist blocks without leaving any gaps. When insulating your home, it is important to have every spot covered, to improve insulation and airflow in your home.  The experts at Charleston Roofing can help you determine what is best for you and your home!

For expert advice and installation on batt insulation, contact Charleston Roofing at 843-203-5555 or online to get started on your insulation installation!

Benefits of Batt Insulation

One of the greatest benefits of insulating your home is that your home can become more energy-efficient. Batt insulation is commonly used to insulate walls, ceilings, and attics to provide insulation that can lead to energy savings. If you have current insulation but are interested in batt insulation, we can also remove insulation and install batt insulation into your space.

Part of the effectiveness of batt insulation is that since it is made out of fiberglass, it is naturally fire-retardant throughout its life. Along with that, it can also reduce the level of noise coming into your home since it is naturally a sound dampener.

Blown-In Insulation Services

Blown insulation, also known as “blown-in insulation,” refers to a method of insulation installation. This is to help improve the performance per square inch of insulation since during the process, blown-in insulation is sprayed into wall cavities, attics and floors to ensure that every part is covered and filled with insulation, not allowing any room for holes..

There are many benefits of blown-in insulation, such as:

  • Energy savings – Locking in temperatures in your attack can prevent air from getting in and out of your home. By sealing tiny cracks and crevices, there will be an enhancement in your HVAC performance, which not only increases indoor comfort but also saves money
  • Fire protection – Fiberglass and cellulose reduce the risk of fires
  • Soundproofing benefits – Because the material is tightly sealed into your attic, there is a sound buffer between rooms and reduces overall outdoor noise
  • Reduced condensation – When moisture and condensation are kept out of your attic by providing humidity control, it’s much more difficult for mold, mildew and bacteria to grow – and that protects your roof and ceilings.

Blown insulation will make a lasting impression on your home, in terms of comfort, energy cost, and protection.

If you are ready to start taking advantage of the benefits of blown-in insulation, contact the experts at Charleston Roofing at 843-203-5555 or online to get started!

Attic Insulation Services

Proper attic insulation is an efficient way to prevent heat loss in the winter and retain cool air during the summer. A drafty or unsealed attic can cause your home to be cooled or heated unevenly, costing you more in energy bills as you try to even out your home.

When determining what is best for your home, you can look to the Department of Energy to find the recommended R-value for your home. The R-value is the measurement of the thermal resistance in the insulation material. Your home’s R-value will determine how much insulation your attic needs and what will help your home run most efficiently.

If you want the experts to make sure that your home is sealed but with proper ventilation to prevent a buildup of excess moisture, contact us at Charleston Roofing. We are the experts to guide you through what is best for your home and attic space.

Contact us today to learn more about our attic insulation services at 843-203-5555 or online.

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When it comes to your home and your energy efficiency, Charleston Roofing is the expert that can assist you and service your home. For attic insulation services, blown-in insulation, and batt insulation services, contact the trained professionals at Charleston Roofing. We have been trusted in the area for many years, and we plan on gaining your trust, too!

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