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Storm damage from hail or high winds will count as a loss on your homeowner’s hazard insurance policy. If the roof is damaged due to natural causes, the repairs will be covered by an insurance claim. It’s important to contact your carrier as soon as you can after storm damage. If you wait, you could miss the window for filing a claim.

Charleston Roofing and Exteriors LLC can assist you when an insurance claim needs to be filed due to storm damages. We are insurance claims specialists who can make sure that the weather-related damage is taken care of and that the insurance claims process goes smoothly. Take a look at how the process works and how we can help you get the most from the insurance claim.

How The Process Works

1. We will need a copy of the insurance adjuster’s report. This will allow us to determine the scope of the work necessary to ensure your roof, gutters, siding, and other exterior areas are restored accurately according to the insurance claim.

2. We will then prepare a contract according to the specifications of the insurance adjuster’s report. We will also include details of any needed repairs that the adjuster failed to identify. If we need to meet with you and the adjuster to negotiate the additional repairs, we will. We want you to get all the roof repairs you need.

3. We submit the signed contract to your insurance company for you.

4. Once the insurance company approves the work, we complete it. In cases where the check is made out to the mortgage company, the check will need to be sent for endorsement and additional forms may need to be filled out and notarized. If so, we will be glad to provide our Fed Ex account information for faster resolution.

Weather-Related Damage & Insurance Claims FAQ

Q. I can’t tell if the roof was damaged by a hail storm, how do I know if there are no leaks?

A. It’s not uncommon for there to be hail damage with no signs until you examine the shingles closely. Unfortunately, there could be significant damage that causes leaks later. It’s best to have your roof inspected by a professional if a hail storm has hit your neighborhood. We would be glad to do the inspection.

Q. Why does the insurance company withhold depreciation? Will they give that money to me later?

A. The recoverable depreciation amount will be paid to you after the work is done. It may also be released when you submit a signed contract with a licensed contractor. The depreciation is the loss in value of the roof, gutters, windows or siding. For instance, as a roof ages, it loses value due to wear and tear. The initial payment will be for the actual cash value (ACV) which is the value of the damaged or destroyed roof at the time of the loss. If you have replacement cost coverage, you may be able to recoup the depreciation. unless it specifies that your property is covered for its replacement value, the coverage will only be for the actual cash value. Remember that you have a deductible as well that is your responsibility.

Q. Can I avoid paying the deductible?

A. Not legally. There are some restoration contractors who will try to help the homeowner with a falsified invoice. We would appreciate it if you didn’t ask us to do this.

Q. Why would you give me an estimate that is more than the estimate I get from the insurance company?

A. It is not uncommon for the insurance adjuster to miss something that they didn’t identify during their inspection. If this happens, we can work with the insurance company by submitting a “supplement” that details the damage. This will include photographs, paperwork, and measurements. They will review the supplement and will send a check for the additional repairs if approved.

Tips For Exterior Restorations & Insurance Claims

  • Pictures should always be taken after the damage occurs.
  • Secure the exterior of your home by covering holes and damage. Call us for temporary measures until the roof and other exterior damage can be repaired.
  • Inspect the repairs after the work is done to be sure you are satisfied.

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