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Wood Shakes & Shingles

When considering a new roof, you want to have options. Wood shakes and shingles are one of the best ways to bring a natural touch to your everyday life. Wood shakes and shingles have a unique effect to them, bringing a subtle look that catches the eye.

At Charleston Roofing, we have the professional roofing contractors to ensure that your roofing replacement service is streamlined. We deliver professional service without sacrificing the quality of the integrity of a job well done.

To schedule a free estimate of wood shakes and shingles for your roofing replacement, contact Charleston Roofing by either calling 843-203-5555 or contacting us online.

What is a Shake?

A shake is a material that is split by hand from limber logs using specialized crafting tools. Although most cedar shakes are crafted into shape by hand, some are manufactured with power equipment. A shake has a hand-split texture on one side, but the opposite side is smooth.

What is a Wood Shingle?

Wood shingles have a traditional manufacturing method that creates a smooth and uniform look that is not just for that single plate but over an entire roof. Both sides of a shingle are smooth and consistent, which makes it easier for installation.

Wood Shakes & Shingles Installation in Charleston, SC

Roof construction plays a significant role in determining the life span of cedar roofs. Charleston Roofing contractors are knowledgeable of the proper design and installation. A critical aspect of the installation is ensuring adequate ventilation, which keeps heat and moisture from building up in the attic area.

When climate is a factor, pressure-treated (CCA) cedar shakes should be installed for a longer life span. Pressure-treated shakes should always be used in high-humidity regions. The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau recommends using these products in the Charleston, SC area. The lifecycle cost of a shake roof may be high, but if installed properly, you will achieve the maximum intended life span and a great natural look.

Why Choose Wood Shingling & Shakes?

There are many reasons why homeowners will pick wood shingling and shakes over traditional asphalt shingles. Below are a few reasons why.


The look of natural wood is hard to beat. Especially with the older, traditional homes in Charleston, a wood shingle or shake roof is the most appropriate choice. Many different wood types can be used for wood shingles and shakes, which can complement your home even more.


Treated wood shingles can survive up to 30 years on a roof, given the ideal conditions. With the quality installation and maintenance done by the experts of Charleston Roofing, your roof wood roof will last for many years.

Wind & Impact Resistance

Cedar shakes and shingles are a winner when it comes to wind resistance. They have been tested to withstand speeds of 245 miles per hour, which standard asphalt shingles can’t withstand. Fallen tree branches and other debris are less likely to damage a wooden one.

Contact Charleston Roofing for Wood Shakes & Shingles

If you are looking for personalized services from a knowledgeable roofing company, look no further than Charleston Roofing. We guarantee proper wood shakes and shingles installation for your home. You will not only love the beauty but also how long these roofs last.

For wood shakes and shingles installation services in Charleston, SC, contact Charleston Roofing today by either calling 843-203-5555 or by contacting us online.