Seamless Gutters & How They Protect Your Home

Fall is among us and the long days of summer are getting shorter. This is the time of year when you start checking the house to prepare for winter. Waterproofing and caulking, flower bed mulching, rotting wood repair, and other seasonal preparations are done in every neighborhood.

With all there is to do in maintaining and protecting a home structure, it’s no wonder that the rain gutters are often ignored. However, this is one of the most important elements to protect a home.

If your home has no gutters at all or the existing system needs to be replaced, it’s time to call a Charleston gutter installation contractor. You probably know that gutters carry the rain away from the house. But you may not know why they are so essential. You may have also heard of seamless gutters but may not realize why they are better than standard gutters. Here is what you need to know about seamless gutters and why installing them is so important.

Why Gutters Are So Important

Homeowners who have to repair the slab, or foundation, find out just how expensive it is. The contractor may have to lift the foundation after it has dropped in a certain area and then fill the area underneath with new concrete. When a foundation shifts, it’s most often because the ground underneath has eroded away. This is caused by rainwater which has pooled near the foundation. And yes, it’s because the gutters either aren’t working or there are none.

It is essential for working gutters to be installed on a home or there will be rainwater pooling at the foundation. Another problem homeowners face is wood rotting along the roof edge. Once this starts, rainwater continues to drip from the roof and seeps inside the rotting areas. Before you know it, all the moisture dripping inside the exterior walls causes extensive damage that has to be repaired.

Why Seamless Gutters Are Better To Install

If you’ve realized that installing new gutters is the right thing to do, you’ll be looking at different options. Seamless gutters are a better choice for many reasons.

Seamless gutters have no seams. At any point where there is a gutter seam, the system can leak. These are weak areas where the seams can and will at some point come loose. A gutter that leaks will drain the rainwater to the foundation. Also, the seams are where debris will get stuck along the gutter line. This is where clogs more easily form. Have you ever tried to get rid of a gutter clog? Most often, the gutter section has to be removed because the debris has caused a hard blockage.

Seamless gutters are custom fit to the house. There will be one smooth line of seamless gutter installed along the entire roof line. It is a much stronger system because there are no weak seams. The seamless gutter contractor will custom cut the lengths according to the length of each area and then connect them with seamless downspouts.

Seamless gutters look better and are less noticeable. There are even seamless gutters manufactured today that look like crown molding. A low-profile seamless gutter enhances the curb appeal of the house instead of diminishing it. You can still get all the beautiful styles in seamless gutters that you can in standard types including copper. Yet, the appearance is much more beautiful.

Avoid Gutter Clogs With Gutter Guards

Gutter cleaning can be a really cumbersome chore but it is important to do it regularly if there are no gutter guards installed. As debris builds up within the gutter system, it causes water pooling along the roof line. This is bad for the shingles and the wood surrounding the roof. There are several different gutter guards you can install, all of which do at least the minimum to keep debris out. Some are manufactured in such a way as to keep pine needles and smaller debris out of the gutter system. No matter which type you choose, gutter guards will help to keep the maintenance down. Call Charleston Roofing & Exteriors LLC for more information today!

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